I played Turok 2, I loved Turok 2, and you sir, are no Turok 2.

User Rating: 5 | Turok X360
Remember Turok: Evolution? No you don't, because it was bad. How do you follow up a bad game? Do you make improvements on the formula? Of course not, you rip off other shooters.

Okay, you remember how Turok 2 had guns galore, giant sprawling levels, and some of the best violence in gaming? Well, that's gone. Now your a space marine *Strike One* with your space marine buddies *strike two* who are bound to get killed *strike three* and you use assualt rifles on a different alien planet *strike four*

And what's up with just "Turok" is it different just because it doesn't say "Turok: DInosaur hunter" or are we restarting the series because apparantley the original series wasn't good or generic enough.

The combat really is terrible, it feels like every other shooter released. They've really set into their minds to make Turok fans angry, this man isn't turok simply because his last name is "Turok" the Turoks I knew were time traveling Native Americans.

If you ever thought Turok games were fun because of the deadly arsenal and smart enemies, than stay away from this. If your into generic shooters with space marines who regenerate health by concentrating real hard than your still bound to be dissapointed by Turok.

I am saddened now.