Add one cup of city management, one cup of piratey fun, a pinch of humor, mix, and serve.

User Rating: 8.1 | Tropico 2: Pirate Cove PC
In Tropico 2, you are once again the ruler of a small island. This time, however, your an evil pirate captain who is creating an island stronghold from where he rules over his pirates, keeps them happy, and steals lots of booty. Tropico is essentially a city building and management simulator. You build buildings to make your pirate workers happy, and buildings to increase their maurading profeciencies. For example, you build docks from which you can assign a ship a crew and give them a mission to steal some booty, and then when they come home yuo build them a nice tavern where they can relax and recuperate. But its not so simple, considering pirates don't want to do any work on land. And thats exactly why you have to capture and set to work lowly slaves. When pirates return from missions, if you want them to, they will take prisoners who will become your slaves to build buildings and tend the bars. You can also send for trained workers to be sent to you, if you need them. To keep your slaves in line, you will have to build menacing structures to frighten your workers into being more efficient. This ranges from small piles of skulls to large implementations of torture. Likewise, your pirates are kept happy by providing them with nautical pleasures on your island, generally placing a few cannons here and there keeps them happy, but there are numerous other structures that you may build as well. The game goes on as you collect more and more booty, and employ more and more pirates, all the while keeping them as happy as possible and making sure your slaves all stay in line. Essentially, its the same formula that worked so well in the original Tropico, with a piratey twist that definately makes the game plenty enjoyable and different enough from its older brother to warrent a purchase. Once you get down the basics of keeping your pirates happy while making money, the game keeps going with the same basic gameplay untill you achieve victory, (or not if your in sandbox mode) so it may become boring after a while to those who are not as into management sims. For those of you who like management sims, this is an excellent game.