User Rating: 9.3 | Tropico 2: Pirate Cove PC
This is a great game. The GS reviewer was wrong on several points he inaccurately mentioned. First of all he questions the validity of if pirates actually setup thriving ports or cities like depicted in the game. I was able to find information online about pirates (bucaneers) using Honduras and the Bay Islands as a base of operations in the 1600's. ( ) So this sort of thing is at least loosely based on fact and it was sorta a goofy thing for the reviewer to make a point of questioning this. Then on the point he makes about it being overly difficult to do certain things like ransoming rich captives. Yes...doing it the way he describes it is lengthy. However if you play the game for any amount of time you find quick ways to do things. For instance... on ransoming these rich captives. You can do this.... click on the log button >> then click the Ransom Captives (something like that) link. Boom in two clicks you have list of all ransomable captives. Pick the one you want to ransom by clicking on him or her. Close log and then hit the small "ransom button the his or her profile below. It's not that difficult. You dont have to search for them. You dont have to hurry and sell them as they come off hte boat. This shows me the reviewer either didnt play the game long or didnt bother to really learn it. Anyway.... the game is fun. The sound and music production is top notch. I wish the zoom levels were adjusted a small bit but they work fine. The game is great. Try the demo and see for yourself. Its worth a purchaes and worth your time. The city building type games have gotten so boring and stale. This game makes the genre fun and gives new hope for the future of this type of game. I sure hope they do an expansion for it!!