Trine was fun, flowed well, was forgiving, and included some physics puzzling that added another level of fun.

User Rating: 8 | Trine PC
Trine was a surprising twist on a platformer mixed with an action RPG.
I very much liked the three characters, their powers, and the dynamic between them and the world.

Additionally the game was good enough that all three of my daughters (9, 6, 3) either enjoyed watching or enjoyed playing (although I usually was asked for on boss fights etc...).

Additionally I enjoyed playing the game. I like options in a game. I very much enjoyed being able to take on different challenges in different ways depending on what character I wanted to use.

I was happily surprised at the physics sim elements that the Mage brought to the game.

The flow of the game was very smooth and satisfying.
The graphics where nice and the environments were enjoyable to look @ and play in.

I'm actually looking forward to playing Trine 2, although I do hope it's longer than 1 (or open in some way).
(So yes Frozenbyte, selling your previous title for cheap, if it's good, will sell your new release).