Simply amazing!

User Rating: 9 | Trine PC
How many of you actually remember the good old days of video gaming? A lot of you, I assume... So you probably remember the days when side-scrolling 2D arcades were as common as aiming down your sites in Call Of Battlefield 28 nowadays. And honestly, when I think about it, those were some of the greatest games ever released. Sure, they weren't as immersive or as deep as some of the RPG games of that day, but they certainly had their unique charm. Well, Trine actually captured that charm and wrapped it up in a beautiful package of modern graphics, great atmosphere and it's unique approach to puzzles and platforming.

So let's sum it up a little bit. Trine is, at first, a typical side-scrolled arcade adventure. Altou the environments are 3D, the entire game takes place on a 2D path, where you can only move back and forth, and jump up or down. Simple. You have 3 different characters you can lead (mage, fighter and a sexy rogue), and you switch between them whenever the situation calls for it. Not really a revolution in video games... However, what really makes Trine unique is a way it teases your brain on every step of the road. During the course of your adventure, you will (predictably) encounter various traps, platforms and jumping puzzles. Just like the Prince Of Persia. Spiked walls, swinging axes, bottomless pits, collapsing platforms and bridges... got it all in here!

But our beloved Prince never had a wizard by his side... unlike you! This horny guy (there's a funny little story involving that) can create crates, planks and levitating platforms in order to help you overcome an obstacle. So every dreadful situation you encounter can be solved by either platform jumping, use of magic, or a combination of all these. You are only limited by your imagination. The second and third characters are there mostly to handle fighting, shooting arrows, using grappling hooks, and throwing stuff. I mean, come on, it's not like I really need to explain to anyone how a fighter fights and how a rogue... well... rogues, and stuff. Being roguey and all. Anyway.

So you have 3 heroes, and with a simple press of a button you switch between them. And that's about as complicated as it gets, as far as the controls are concerned. With a default keyboard/mouse setup, it's so easy to play you could master it even if you had a hook instead of a hand. Leaving you more time to think about the game itself. Of course, adventure wouldn't really be an adventure if not for some nasty critters going for your jugular every now and then. So you'll be fighting... Wait for it! Wait for it! Ready? OK, here goes... SKELETONS!

Wait, what? Seriously?

Well, yes, unfortunately for us. Enemies come in only few shapes and sizes. You have an army of skeletons (some of them tougher and better armed then the others), bats (which I hate more then Half-Life's head crabs) and occasionally some mid-level boss. Which is usually a very big skeleton or a troll. They are superbly animated, tough, scary, and fighting them is a real pleasure. You can almost feel like they are actually alive and coming for your throat, their movements captured perfectly. It made me feel like I'm fighting a real Army Of Darkness from Evil Dead films... But never-the-less, it's a real shame that you don't have any more monsters to butcher, apart from these few standard ones. So I have to take away game's awesomeness points for that.

Needless to say, graphics and sounds are superb. On your way through enchanted forests, dark dungeons, swamps and graveyards, you will constantly go „Wow!". The atmosphere is so thick and immersive, you could cut it with a knife! It's simply stunning! This is exactly how I imagined great adventures when I used to listen to all those fairy tales as a child. Only with less humor and more blood and guts (Croatian fairy tales are pretty hardcore).

Honestly, I can't remember when was the last time I had so much fun with a game. I noticed some bugs during gameplay, but it is really stable, and doesn't require powerful hardware for it's gorgeous graphics. However, due to some of those small bugs, and lack of diversity when it comes to monster slaying, I can't give it a pure 10. But never mind that, enjoy this game because honestly... it's one of the best I ever played.