Trine is a simple game, but surprisingly fun to play.

User Rating: 8 | Trine PC
The Good:
-Beautiful artwork and level design
-Simple and easy to use game play mechanics
-Multiple solutions to every puzzle
-Awesome use of physics-based game play

The Bad:
-Checkpoint system means you may have to play the same thing over and over
-Predictable and somewhat annoying enemy spawning

Every now and then a gamer comes across a game that they are not sure about but buy because it is on sale or some such and then that game surprises you and turns out being a great game. Trine is this game.

First off, let me say that I agree with Gamespot's assessment that when this game came out it was way overpriced. However, the price has gone down considerably and I do believe it is worth it when you get it on sale. The game is short, probably not worth more than about ten bucks max.

The game is simple; it is a side-scrolling game of puzzles. Normally, I do not like these kinds of games because I usually end up stuck on some puzzle and lose interest. However, Trine uses puzzles in a way such that there are multiple solutions and each puzzle is not so difficult as to significantly halt your progress through the game. Some might consider the game a tad easy because of this, but by the same token it has an "addictive and fun" quality.

Trine is physics oriented, which contributes to its "fun factor" immensely. There is something about being able to manipulate your environment is creative ways to solve puzzles that just grows on you. I personally also loved being able to use the physics of the game to kill enemies is strange, absurd, but ultimately, effective ways.

The story is not terrible deep or insightful, but the level designs make the game beautiful and borderline memorizing. Several of the levels will have you just sitting there looking at the detail and the art design.

The game uses a checkpoint system to avoid starting a level over every time you die, but the checkpoint system does not remain in effect if you leave the game. Therefore, if you leave the game before completing a level you will have to start that entire level from the beginning over again. This was a little annoying, especially on the last few levels where I ended up doing some tedious puzzles that were fun the first time, but got annoying the third time. Point being, if you sit down to play Trine, make sure you have enough time to at least complete an entire level and use level transitions as your breaking points.

The enemies in Trine are not terribly original, nor do they vary much. They also tend to spawn in predictable locations which gets a little annoying after a few hours.

I did not use the coop multiplayer mode, so I cannot comment on it, but the game does operate smoothly and easily as a single player game.

All in all, Trine is one of those games that ultimately surprised me. I did not expect to have as much fun as I did playing it. Sometimes, this quality has to stand out and I think Trine is one of those times. So long as you get it on sale or get a good deal on it, I think it is well worth it. It really is "Just plain fun."