User Rating: 10 | Trine 2 PC
If you are looking for an immersive adventure then look no further, this is the game for you:
-amazing fairy tale book graphics, that will make you just do nothing in the game and admire them. The atmoshpere they've created is like reliving your childhood again (brothers Grimm stories anyone?)
-excellent characters, each with their unique abilities
-nice story, with twists - they make you believe something until the very end, a something that proves to be very false
-more bosses, which is a nice change from the first Trine game
-good puzzles, more varied than the first
-good gameplay length, and this time they've added DLCs too. I will definitely pick up the DLCs too.
I would definitely recommend this game to any player, of any age or gender, this is the kind of game that makes one dream, and we definitely need more games likes this!