Trine 2 is a visual feast of a fantasy platformer with funky physics puzzles, quirky characters and enchanting music.

User Rating: 9.5 | Trine 2 PC
'Dazzling' has been used countless times to describe a game's visuals, but never has there been a more appropriate use of the term than in the case of Trine 2, and even then it's an understatement. The visuals in this little gem are completely jaw-dropping. More often than not, you'll stop in your tracks to admire the richly-detailed, creatively designed, pseudo 3D environments in all their colourful, eye-candy glory. If you've never been one to appreciate a quality painting in a museum, brace yourself, because the experience is coming to your home in the form of Trine 2, and you will certainly appreciate it.

The three playable characters complement each other perfectly. Each are distinct in their look, personality and ability, and each melds with the environmental backdrops so effortlessly that it's difficult to decide which one is better suited. The characters are sewn together through narration that is used both during the game and in between worlds with an open story book transcribing what you are hearing.

Although there's some satisfying combat to be had in Trine 2, the brunt of the game lies in its physics-based puzzles - an ironic idea considering that laws of physics are usually meaningless in a fantasy world of this kind. Rocks will swing from ropes next to a ledge too high up to jump to, causing you to think how to best use your character's abilities to progress to the next section. Streams of water will run down an angled tree log hanging overhead. Finding a way to tilt the log will cause the "powerful" water (as Amadeus likes to call it) to run down the other side of the log and fall on young plants and vegetation. The result is a highly charming animation of fantasy-world-style flowers sprouting to their fullest height, creating a platform upon which you can use to progress, as well as causing your eyes to bulge from your head.

Accompanying the game's gorgeous presentation is a soundtrack that is as appealing on its own as the visuals. Although the music complements the game's visual style, gameplay and setting, you can easily from time to time forget about the rest of the experience and tune your focus to the music only. A boppy, almost upbeat soundtrack that I could easily listen to on my mp3 player on the way to work - its mood-lifting effect is that good.

All in all, Trine 2 is well-worth the purchase if the fantasy theme tickles your fancy or even if you're a fan of 2D platformers in general. Although short in length (experienced players can complete the game in under 6 hours), the experience is a riveting one; combining the best elements of platforming, puzzle solving, and humour.