One of the greatest games the Wii has to offer!

User Rating: 9 | Trauma Center: New Blood WII
Story [9/10]: You can play as either Markus or Valerie (they both play the same way though) who are two highly specialized surgeons working at a small hospital in Alaska but are sent to a more important hospital not much time after you begin the game and discover that a new fatal virus is circulating the country, which's suspected to have been created by a terrorist organization and it's up to you to find about the mistery.

It's a simple story at first, but it's told in a pretty interesting way, with good dialogue and cutscenes. The cutscenes are just still images of the characters with some background but the voice acting in this game is great and will make you forget the cutscenes are done in such a simple way and it sure does add to the immersion.

Gameplay [9/10]: The game is divided in many missions (surgeries) and you're given tipical surgeon tools to complete your objective, like antibioc gel, scalpel, syringue, etc. There's a huge variety of surgeries, so you'll never find yourself thinking "hm... how many times have I already done that?"

It goes from fixing broken bones after car accidents to eliminating viruses and replacing a pacemaker. All the missions are pretty fun and you can even adjust the difficuly of the game, so you'll never find yourself getting frustrated because it's too hard or finding it to be a cakewalk.

There's also an option to play co-op with one friend, which's great and helps a lot on hard difficulty (even though it's still pretty hard).

Sound [8/10]: The music in this game is great! It goes perfectly with the tense atmosphere of a surgery (or to the story, if you're watching a cutscene!) and really adds to the dramatic feel of the game.

Graphics [7/10]: The characters look great, the backgrounds are well-detailed and the in-game graphics are good. Nothing to be amazed about but they do their job so you don't mistake a heart for a stomach.

Overall [9/10]: It's a must-have game for any Wii owner; it's got a lot of variety, cool gameplay, an entertaining story and it's even better if you play co-op with a friend.