After checking every store on release day and spending $74.53 on Trauma Center: New Blood and a new nunchuck-- worth it.

User Rating: 9 | Trauma Center: New Blood WII
Quick Plot:
After fighting the life threatening GUILT in previous Trauma Center games, what else would we have to worry about? In TC: New Blood we have two main protagonists, Markus Vaun and Valerie Blaylock. Starting off in the chilling lands of Alaska in year 1928 they are transferred to California to operate on a doctor researching Stigma. who eventually got it in research. After the doctor being kidnapped, Vaun and Blaylock are transferred to Caduceus, a medical research lab to prevent existing and new diseases, to do more research on Stigma. Trying not to spoil the plot and fun, lets leave it at that.

Graphics and Designs:
The graphics of TC:NB are much better than the previous game on the Wii. Lines seem to be smoother and the menus and briefing more intricate in designs. Atlus also took out the time to create more backgrounds and create more not-so-important character pictures go on screen. The thing that bothers me most is that Markus looks strikingly similar to Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy. Honestly, look it up on Google and compare.

Music and Voices:
Having full voiceovers helps create more of an atmosphere and build more character. To me, it helps give more of an impression of what they want to say. I know most of you haven't brushed up on your Latin. All of these medical terms are just hard to pronounce. In a way, it's also an edumakashunal experience to actually KNOW how to say some of these terms. Also, am I the only person here who thought "Caduceus" was pronounced "Kah-Day-Shus"?

Game Play and Challenge Levels:
As for myself being a TC vet, I have different ideas upon the difficulty levels. When I play on single player, I just get frustrated. When I play on Normal, the game is WAY too easy. When I play on Hard, the game is way too hard. Can't they make a difficultly level called Nord- a mixture between Normal and Hard?
Anyway, to make the game a bit harder, you can move the screen's position because there may be multiple problems going on at once. You may be operating on a lung, for example., and the upper part of the lung has glass lodged into it and is hemorrhaging. Below, off-screen, you can have cuts you need to suture and creating mass amounts of blood.
There is also more operation variety. The different scenarios make you keep interest in playing. One cool operation I encountered involved third degree burns and replacing skin! Your tools are the same as the previous games. Not to worry! Using these same tools there are different things you can do with them!
A large problem that serves in TC:NB is that it's harder to create the stars for the Healing Touch. The lines have to be much neater and a faster. Another little bugger is when you cut open or suture your patients, regardless of how messy you are, you still get a "Cool" too easily. You also have to be more careful when you place or remove an object as for if you don't get it placed right, you have a large risk of killing your patient. Some of us may not have this much accuracy, but we must deal with it.

In my opinion, multiplayer is awesome. It makes the game more difficult, but you also need to cooperate with the person you're playing with! I've experience multiple problems with my partners during surgery. You must communicate and strategize when your patient dies. You can also distinguish who you're playing as, so there shouldn't be much confusion. A cool feature is that you can use each doctor's Healing Touch in one operation if you feel that you're really screwed. Beware of n00b TC players. Much harder to play with.

Not much here. You can just check you're ranking online for the operations you've done.

I hope you found my review helpful for Trauma Center: New Blood. Now all of you aspiring doctors-- Find out how to cure the many forms of Stigma!