A mess of a game. Ambitious, but completely fails to deliver what it promise.

User Rating: 2 | Total War: Rome II PC
I'm a huge Total War fan, I've got all of them and I've played them to bits and pieces. If you're considering buying this game, you should keep the following in mind.

+ The game is ambitious and there's a lot of potential in there.
+ The gameplay is addictive and fun, much like the other Total War games that we've experienced in the past.

- It's an extremely buggy game in it's current state.
- The A.I. is completely useless. It will rarely declare war on you and can't gather a proper army to attack you with. Instead it'll charge your garrisons with 1 or 2 units.
- The battle A.I. is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Look up Angry Joe's review on youtube to get an idea of what I mean.
- The game fails to deliver what it promises. Graphically it's not even close to the videos and screenshots that we were shown, even if you put all settings on extreme.
- Due to the A.I. problems this game is a cakewalk even on Legendary difficulty. There is no challange at all.
- The game lacks polish. The U.I. is very clunky and ugly compared to TW:Shogun 2, which is the game that was made before this one. How they managed to fail so hard in this department when they did very well with Shogun 2 is beyond me.
- The political system is in shambles and there are no family trees. The game is a stripped down, milked dry version of what it could have been, and what was advertised.

Gamespot either got paid to give this game an 8, or they got to play a more advanced review version of the game while the buying customers somehow got an alpha build of the game.

This game is currently in alpha. Ask yourself if you want to pay for an alpha version of this game, or if you'd rather wait for them to fix this mess of a game before you put down any money.