Some AI issues, some bugs and an "oversimplified" UI compared to its predecessor. A good strategy game BUT...

User Rating: 7.5 | Total War: Rome II PC
The game feels rushed it is unfortunately a poorly optimized and buggy game. Loading times in some occasions are ridiculously slow

The A.I also needs some patching it is predictable and lacking, some times it just sends it's troops stupidly like cannon-fodder into the players army or it just sits completely passive in the empty battlefield waiting for the player to make the first move ...

U.I is also dumbed-down compared to the previous Total War games and feels more like an internet browser than a game interface to be honest

Also there some things lacking with the graphics. Antialliasing is very poor implanted with no option to raise samples, the jaggies just feast on the screen. and even with everything maxed and with the DirectX11 goodies enabled the warrior faces looks blunt and some textures are not that impressive especially zoomed

Anyway despite the issues the game at its core is a Total War game but it certainly needs some patching