Over the top action game that needed more work!

User Rating: 6.3 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
Action game lovers with love this game because of it's not stop action and completely over the top gameplay. However more serious gamers might not like it so much because the game's as shallow as a small puddle.

The games graphics were quite impressive for this type of game at that time but seem very outdated by games like GTA:SA. The explosions are the best bit out the graphics, nice and bit like we want them. The real let down in regards to the graphics are the NPC's. They all look pretty much the same which is a real disappointment.

Sound in the game is quite average which is another one of the games dissapointments. The voice overs seem dull and uninspired and the NPC speech is repetitive. The soundtrack is a saving grace though as that's actually quite good.

The biggest dissapointment is the driving part of the game. The physics on the cars is awful, you can get cars stuck in buildings, the cars are hard to drive, you can't shoot from inside your car or even view different angles which in the car. It seems to me that the driving part of the game was just thrown in at a very late stage of development and it shows.

For those gamers who just want over the top action and completely mindless violence then this is the game for you.
However if you're a more serious gamer then i'd give this a miss.