Fun little shootem' up.

User Rating: 7 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
Now that Total Overdose has been out for a while, I would recommend checking the used games section at your local game shop for a copy. If you can pick it up for 10 or 15 bucks US, it's well worth it. There isn't anything rspecially groundbreaking or innovative about TO's gameplay. It borrows heavily from the GTA & Max Payne games, as well as ripping off the "rewind" feature from Prince of Persia when you get killed. This game is all about having fun & wasting malo hombres, by the truckload. I especially got a kick out of the Loco Moves, which give your character some innovative skills & upgrades to deal with the baddies.

Heavily influenced by the 3rd-person shooters I mentioned above, as well as the movies of Robert Rodriguez, TO is at its core a fairly mindless run & gun shootfest. Not a lot of strategy or planning involved, just grab your weapons & get to shooting anything that moves. The graphics are somewhat behind the curve for such a recent game, but aside from that drawback it delivers the goods. I can only imagine what the game would play like if it had a graphics engine like Max Payne would really be a pretty awesome little shooter then.

The levels are varied enough to hold your interest, & in between the missions there is a free-roaming city you can explore & wreak havoc in. I found the game to drag somewhat over the last couple of levels, where the difficulty seems to get unnecessarily ratcheted up. In any event, if you're looking for a few hours diversion with little $ investment, I would recommend checking out TO. "Eat chilli & DIE ! "