More of the same, a whole lot more.

User Rating: 7.8 | Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency PC
As an expansion disk this is an decent buy. Mind you Cavedog released a lot of the units on heir website. There is not really any innovative vehicle. There is a few though that is worth using. Each side was given an advanced artillery structure worthy of playing. Even though it takes a long time to build and a lot of power to use, the sheer destruction it causes justifies the wait. Another unit that makes this expansion worthwhile is called “Krogoth”. This very large unit looks like a large robot with wings and has lasers , guns and surface to air missiles. It’s a walking battleship. Using this unit unbalances the multiplayer option with everyone wanting to play “Core” instead of the “Arm”. Speaking of multiplayer there are plenty of multiplayer maps included. Some are uninspired others are well worth playing.
Anyone who loves the original game will enjoy this expansion disk, anyone who was expecting more in terms of an upgrade will be disappointed.