Its a good game but I guess only people that played it back then would agree with me.

User Rating: 6.5 | Top Gun NES
So a lot of people might think and say Top Gun is a bad game, I believe Top Gun isn’t a bad game, in fact it’s not a bad game at all. The deal with Top Gun is that it is a difficult game and when I was younger (actually, right about the time it came out) I used to feel it was an annoyingly hard game. Well let’s just say that Top Gun wasn’t exactly for little kids. It actually is a very good game that does not have anything to do with the movie. Top Gun’s game play is presented as a Jet Sim; I dare to suggest that it was one of the first Jet Sims out there, not that it actually resembles what flying an F14 Tom Cat would be like but you certainly had to play around with the controls. When you start the game you jump in to the cock pit of the Jet having previously selected between three different types of missiles. Then you are off, you have a cock pit view of the action and shoot either your missiles or your gun at incoming planes, tanks, ships and bases. The action is pretty straight forward through four missions. In between each mission you get to land the plane on an aircraft carrier, now this is the tricky part in which a lot of people might get disappointed with the game, actually is not hard at all, the plane almost lands itself. The other difficult part is when you have to refuel the plane in mid air. Through the missions there isn’t any music just the sound effects which are good, but what the sound is all about is the theme song for Top Gun, now that really makes the game feel like its related to the movie other than that there is nothing. There is hardly any replay value, since its just four missions and it tends to get repetitive after a while. Top Gun is a good game which I would recommend just to people that played the game when it first came out, any other person might definitely feel like it’s a horrible game.