"Top Gun" is a great game featuring everything you could expect from a good jet sim.

User Rating: 8.3 | Top Gun NES
"Top Gun" is a jet sim, pretty similar to "Airwolf". It's concept doesn't really stand out, but the game is saved by it's awsome gameplay.

The game takes place in exiting jet fights. The only featured game mode is a campain, wich is about 10 missions long. In every mission, you will be assigned and objective, wich you must complete before you can land. Until you land, you will have to destroy uncountable waves of ennemies that will keep attacking you, or sometimes, you will even have to shake them off your tail!
One of the game's hardest parts is the landing. You will have to deal with you speed and hight until you reach the landing strip. All theses features add a lot to the game's main essence, making it a non-stop exitement.

"Top Gun" features very good and diversified 2d graphics. It also features very good animation, giving an awsome feeling of immersion.

The game features no soundtrack making it even more immersive. The only thing you hear is your jet's engine and explosions. Still, the lack of gunfires give it a plain and unfinished look.

"Top Gun" is a pretty fun game that should be owned by every old-school gamer.