Your commanding officer orders you to play this game!

User Rating: 8 | Top Gun NES
This was the second game I ever played for the NES, and I was five at the time, which lead to beating the first level, but landing? never. Although I kept coming back for years to come

Gameplay: Classic shoot em up here. Aim at those pesky planes and make them go KABOOM. Your cannon and missles will get the job done. Although you only have a certain amount of missles, and sometimes they are needed to defeat the boss, so use them wisely. Landing can be a b****, so practice will make perfect. Also, learn to refuel or you will not have enough lives to beat the game.

Music: Personally I enjoy the music, when it actually is playing. "Danger Zone" played during the demo, which i thought was awsome. Also, the Top gun theme was done quite well. I was perturbed that no music played during the actual dogfight scenes.

This is one of the better early NES games. Try and find it on E-bay if you don't have it. It is worth every penny.