one of my early favorites

User Rating: 7.8 | Top Gun NES
i played this game when i was very young we're talkin about 4 or 5 but i still remember all the fun my family had with it. a good game doesnt need flashy graphics or a great system to run. a good game needs a family, a gamer or just someone to enjoy it, all a good game needs to do is satisfy some one. and this game did that for me. i know this is cheesy but it gave me some good memorys with my mom and dad and gave me my foundations for gaming. with out old games like this there would be no halflife or halo not even a good game. so before you trash and disown a game just because it is old just stop and respect the game and what it has done for gaming this doesnt just go for top gun but for all classics that have paved the road for gaming.