What The Hell Happened?

User Rating: 8.6 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland PS2
When I first Picked up Tony Hawks American Wasteland I Was thinking My Favorite video game series has its best entry yet. I was dead wrong. From The Moment I Put The Game in my PS2 to the time i beat it (which is like 10 hours, because it is so short) i felt completely underwhelmed. The Graphics took a huge 180 and got alot worse, the gameplay is solid yet again, but the game feels as if its missing something, yet i cant put my finger on it. The soundtrack is great like always with bands like Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance Covering Punk classics. Im not Saying American Wasteland Is A bad game, because it isnt, but this series has gotten progressively worse since THPS3. I tip my hat to neversoft, though, for yet again including a classic mode, but the levels arent exactly classic, they actually feel like they should be in a wasteland ( pun intended). The Game Is A Solid Purchase for most series fans and a good rental for anyone else, just dont buy the collectors edition like i did, because you dont get much for the 10 extra bucks.