Great game marred by terrible camera and frame rate drop in some areas.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tomb Raider: Legend PSP
This is the first Lara Croft game I've ever completed, and I've played almost all of them. Usually they get a bit stale about half way through, but Crystal Dynamics did a great job putting variety in the levels and also gameplay modes.

I'm in agreement with most that the presentation is fantastic, especially the voice acting and motion capture.

Unfortunately, the experience can leave you very frustrated due to the poor camera which doesn't follow you properly so you often lose sight of the enemy (since you cannot control the camera) or worse, miss a jump. The other issue is in the framerate, which tends to bog down to a slideshow in some instances.

The worst offense is that the final boss fight is plagued by both of these, which leaves you with a bad taste of the game at the end.

Nevertheless, the experience of exploring with her was worth it. This is one of those games where the journey was more important than the destination -- especially given the sequel/cliffhanger ending.