Rainbow Six is one of the classic games out there.

User Rating: 7.7 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six PC
Here are a few reasons why Rainbow Six is a classic. See the list below.

1. Gameplay = 8/10. The game is a strategy / shoot 'em up type. You have to carefully plan out your mission and tell where everyone has to go, command your teams, and one of the most important things, is when to strike at your oppenents.

2. Graphics = 6/10. yeah I know, that back when it was released it probably had really great graphics. But 8 years later, it's now out-dated. I mean, these days the graphics (especially the Xbox 360, PS3, or the wii) are so incredible looking.

3. Sound = 8/10. There really isn't nothing bad about the sound, comparing it to all the new games that are out on the market. But the sound in todays games are so more realistic sounding, than any other older games.

4. Value = 10/10. Just think about it. This game within 30 years from now, you can say to your children "I remember that game when I was a kid!" The game will always remain an instant classic in the future. After all it is the very first Rainbow Six game.

5. Reviewers Tilt = 7/10. Right now there is barely any reviews written about this game. And all the reviews that are out there, they say that this game is great.

The final score that I gave this game is a 7.7/10. Which is not bad. But you can imagine that if they do re-make this game in the future, it'll probably be ten times better. So would I recommend this game for anyone, Yes I would!