A classic is born

User Rating: 10 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six PC
This is the first entry in the awsome shooter franschise. Pros: This game is great. The graphics are very good for its time. The sound is also very good. I noticed that each of the soldiers had a diferent tone to their voice. This was the first realy great game that mixed strategy with FPS action. The fact that you could plan out your own mission is just awsome. I really think that this is one of the best games of all time. Cons: I'd have to say the only bad thing about his game is half way thorugh, there arent any already saved mission plans, which could frustrate newbies. Final Thought: THis is one of the best games ever made hands down. It did a great job mixing two types of gameplay and it does a great job at it. This is the first game that put Tom Clancy on the map as a videogame maker, and I also like how true it stays to the actual book.