Direct X 11 does it again, Intense Action!!! " Where is the design and levels from E3"

User Rating: 9 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
Graphics: More polished BF3, Textures and Characters stand out on gameplay not fmv. The Physx are amazing considering not using Physx.
This is why I am a PC gamer. Far a head on graphics. Will need a Monster machine to play this smooth on DX11. The Rain is insane.

Sound: Amazing , The voice from the brefing sound like the guy from A-Team intro.

Controls: PC perfect! You can also use a 360 controller

Gameplay: Love those 3rd person shooter you can see all the details.
Would of love the snow level to be about the stealth then the mech shooting
missles. Best thing about this game is you can go Recon with the Drone or you can "Watch all the heavenly Glory" BruceLee. The Customization on the guns before mission is a nice touch. The cover system is perfect. Controlling each men for a kill is great.

The reason for the 9.0 is because its missing the entire concept of E3 .
That level from E3 is missing and the design. The graphics is there though
The Replay value is very high. Just what pc users need . Go Buy it now.
Don't forget your new videocard. You will need it, I have a GTX560 2GB and only getting locked at 25fps. But ran the entire game.