PC version tech issues ruins the game

User Rating: 5.5 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
Frankly the game is better than a 5.5, but a vast amount of technical issues in PC version keeps this game in a dead-on-arrival category.

Singleplayer gameplay is OK, but nothing extraordinary -- "been there, done" could summarize the experience. Maybe a solid 7 or so.

Multiplayer Co-op Campaign is much more interesting, possibly 8-8.5.

Issues: many simply cannot enjoy the game since:
1. some users can't even start the game -- seems that a MP/coop crash could totally corrupt the game and game saves and you loose the progress you made or the game won't start up beyond the intro
2. many users cannot use keyboard+mouse combo and are sentenced to a substandard controller experience -- for some reason I don't have any issues with keyboard+mouse
3. many users experience either freezes or a complete computer shutdown especially in co-op games (like maybe there is a major memory leak) -- frankly I didn't experience this in single player campaign, but my comp shuts down every 20-45 minutes when playing co-op

Anyways, I expected a bit more ... or, actually less of technical issues even from a sorry console port that Ubi is famous for. If a solid fix/patch comes in next week I'll change the review but for now the game is unplayable for many.