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User Rating: 9 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3
I have put several hours into the game already and have barely scratched the surface. I love gun smithing especially in 3D its a lot of fun to feel all the control you have over your weapon choice and I know swiching parts even a small change has a big impact on gun performance.

I do play a lot of CoD if you don't believe me look me up on elite Happy_316. I personally have always been a huge SOCOM fan hense why i stopped playing when 4 came out because well it was no longer SOCOM. I switched to COD black ops and thought it was solid but lacked structure and after a while playing just to prestige got boring. I like elite even though it cost me 50 dollars extra it added a new element of competition unfortunately I really don't like MW3 in anyway shape or form.

I found that within hours of playing the multiplayer I was right at home. I have yet to have a negative score i love getting objectives and my team communicated well and we won. I like that the game makes it hard to camp and of the 4 maps i played they were designed in a way that it made it hard to be a pure camper especially since just a couple bullets will take you out.

I found that though now i am pretty used to it aiming was an adjustment for me. I like a cover system since it elements the rediculousness of head glitchers. Though its pretty hard to run and shoot with out aiming its nice how accurate guns are when you have they pulled up to your eye. also how the recoil system feels much more realistic over most other games.

The game rewards people for team work which is cool. I found that pugs were communicating pretty well also. I like that you can throw challenges at friends that pretty cool. The game plays extremely smooth online. I have had 0 lag and hadn't seen anyone lagging yet. Its definitely one for realism and im at home in that element. I am not a huge fan of Roles per say but it works well in this game and as a whole thats really the only thing im not a big fan of.

Ive only played through 2 missions on the single player and have found the AI to be much more intelligent that most other shooters out their and friendly AI is very good. I like that the game gives the options of stealth but it isn't required. Makes a linear shooter feel a little more open. I mean I hear the single player is pretty short but thats to be expected in the last 3 modern warfares i have clocked maybe 10 total hours between the 3 of them to beat them on the hardest difficulty. Shooters are made for MP anymore and thats what i buy them for. I do like that they have made it possible for 4 players to coop together since everynight i play it tends to be with the same 3 people who also picked up the game today. I haven't touched horde mode but am excited about it. I have heard nothing but good things about it and though its not original its nice to be 4 player coop and for it to evolve as you complete stages. I have a feeling i will spend a lot of time in that mode with my friends.

Overall its a very well made game graphics are nice character and gun models are incredibly detailed prolly more so than any shooter out their. Their are tons of unlockable and this game will take up a large part of my gaming life for a while. I hope people give this game a shot its the best multiplayer shooter experience i have had in a couple years. If you play pc though check out tribes ascend its a cool concept and a well made game.