Ghost Recon is a great game due to more focus on teamwork and stealth. The variety of elements in the game is nice too.

User Rating: 9 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3
Ever since I played Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 stealth games has become a favorite of mine. I was wondering how long it would take for a game developer team to create a stealth game that allows four players to take on the main story plus provide plenty of reasons to play it again and again. Ubisoft made my hopes a reality due to how fun the game is. Just for the record I never played a Ghost Recon game before in my life, so I can't look back at other games; however I did notice similarities with other games outside of the Ghost Recon series and things that stood out. Now lets review.

Graphics/Special Effects:

The graphics of the game is great. I don't have any problems with this game in this area. The character models are detailed, the maps are huge, the weapons look and sound great, and the explosions are really nice.


The story is just like any other typical shooter. A band of heroes that avenges fallen comrades and takes down terrorists. The voice acting could have been done a bit better due to the fact that it isn't all that believable. The dialogue isn't all that believable either; however the cheesy lines are enough to get a few laughs every now and then. The nice thing about the campaign is the fact that every mission involves the use of new gadgets and getting caught in a variety of situations. For instance, one mission involved fighting enemies in a huge, blinding sandstorm!


This is one of the few games that has something for everyone. I am also happy to say that this game is a great game for coop fans like myself. The nice thing about the game is the fact that all modes can be experienced by more than just 2 players. Of course versus mode involves more than 2 players; however often times modes outside of versus involves 2 or less players. Unfortunately I haven't played all of the modes since I am still playing the campaign with two of my best friends.

Single player Campaign: Can be played by with 3 other online players.

Conflict (Vs.): Teams complete random objectives for points.

Decoy (Vs.): One Team is offense and the other team is defense. Each team has to figure out and complete mystery objectives through observation and teamwork.

Saboteur (Vs.): Destroy the base of the opposing team with a bomb located in the center of the map.

Siege (Vs.): Objectives are completed with no respawns.

Guerrilla (Coop): Work together with three others to complete waves that involve a combination of stealth and defending taken over bases.

From what I did gather about the described modes is that there is a level up and reward system for playing all modes. In the versus mode you select a class and you level up as you play in order to gain new weapons, gear, and etc. For example, in the campaign everyone has optic camo; however in versus only the scout has optic camo. In Guerrilla mode everyone has the same abilities; however you need to level up in order to access better weapons. As you complete waves your team is awarded special power-ups like air strikes and automated mounted guns. This sort of gameplay is similar to Call of Duty in some respects; however it is done differently due to the nature of Ghost Recon.

Ubisoft wanted to make this game more teamwork focused; which was a wise decision. Stealth games require more teamwork. Teamwork is what sets Ghost Recon apart from games like Call of Duty. Call of Duty players can benefit from teamwork; however teamwork isn't really required to win.


The gameplay in this game is incredibly fun. There are a variety of elements that you have seen before if you played a fair amount of shooters and stealth games; however that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

You can run, tag enemies, do stealth kills, use a variety gadgets, move from cover to cover, and crawl on the ground.

Stealth involves taking out enemies without being seen. In this game you use an array of gadgets and quiet movement to take out your enemy. In this game you use optic camo to help get around unnoticed; however getting too close or moving recklessly can get you spotted even with the camo activated.


There are many gadgets you can use. Thermo, night vision, and magnetic goggles are used to help you track your foes. Thermo picks up the heat signatures of your enemies. Night vision makes it easier to see in the dark. Magnetic goggles allows you to see enemies through walls and the it tells you what weapon the enemy has.

There are a variety of weapon parts you can use to customize your weapons. Pay close attention to the parts you choose because each attachment changes the status of your weapon. When I say status I am referring to range, power, maneuverability, and control.

Power: The strength of your weapon.
Range: How far you can see.
Maneuverability: You ability to move while carrying the weapon.
Control: The difficulty of handling due to the recoil when you fire.

It is also important to see if the part you use has a special property that goes beyond weapon stats. For example, there is a scope that gives you the ability to shoot through thin metal walls that are used for cover.

There is other interesting gadgets; however I just want to share two more gadgets. One gadget is the drone; which is a mobile device that can be used to scout the area from a far. You can use the gadget to tag enemies from the air and on the ground. When it is used on the ground (RC mode) you can stun enemies with a sonic pulse. The other is called a sensor; which is a special electronic grenade that reveals the location of enemies within its blast radius. The sensor can't be seen or heard, so you don't have to worry about where you throw it.

Cover System-

The cover system of this game is very similar to Splinter Cell Conviction. When you are in cover you have to move over to the edge of your cover to search for a specific location to move to. You will see a circle marker that tells you were you will move too as you hold the x button. The thing about this system is the fact that you can stop cover movement if you think you will be spotted if you continue on the chosen path. This is done by releasing the x button.

The cover system has improved alot since Conviction. The cover that you hide behind can get destroyed; therefore it is important that you move to another area before that happens. You should also be careful; because weak forms of cover can either break fast or just get destroyed all together along with you. And some cover can explode too.

There are strong weapons that can put you in a stagger like state known as pinned down. When this happens your ability to move is reduced greatly due to the force and psychological thought of getting hit if you move due to the pressure. That's why it is important to keep moving from cover to cover, especially when you know what weapon another carries.


Tagging involves pinpointing the position of enemies. You tag enemies by locating them and pressing the R2 button to reveal their position. Tagging is important in order to know where your enemy is and you use tagging to set up sync sniping. You can tag up to four targets at a time.

Sync sniping allows you and your team to attempt to take out enemies from a far by by shooting them in the head at the same time. This is done by tagging the enemies you want to take out and then aim at the head of your target in order to make that target your assignment. When done correctly a line will go from your gun to the target and your name will be above the target's head. Be careful because too much movement from your target can throw you off target and force you to readjust it. When everyone is ready then everyone has to try to shoot their target at the same time.

The gameplay of this game is outstanding. The only problem I have with the game is that you can't move bodies, so communication and timing is really important.

Final Thoughts:

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a refreshing take on stealth action. The combat is solid, the number of gadgets is incredible, the weapon combinations is massive, there is just about something for everyone, and teamwork is valued. The game has elements from quite a few other games; which can be both a blessing and a curse depending on the preference of the gamer. The reward system is somewhat like Call of Duty, the weapon customization feature reminds me of Army of Two, and Ubisoft used the cover and detection system from Splinter Cell Conviction. This game also rewards playing all modes due to the fact that some weapons and attachments can only be gained by meeting a requirement in a specific game mode. The previous statement adds replayability. I wish the campaign relied a bit less on action sequences and on more stealth; but the over the top action segments were enjoyable and very memorable. My only major gripe is just the inability to move bodies.


+Stellar graphics and sound.
+Gunsmith mode makes customizing weapons interesting and
+There are attachments that has special properties.
+Coop heavy game.
+Teamwork is valued in this game.
+Plenty of gadgets.
+Uses Splinter Cell: Conviction's cover system.
(One of the best cover systems around....nuff said.)

+Cover can be destroyed.
+The Pinned Down state adds to in game realism.
+Guerrilla Mode is a slightly unique survival mode experience.
+AI partners isn't dumb this time around.


-You can't move bodies.
-A little too much action.
(Gamer preference comes into play here.)

-Some elements are borrowed from other games.
(Some gamers may see this as less unique despite positives.)

-Sometimes one's mic may no longer be heard unless you start
a new session.
(Drop In/Drop Out would have made this less of an issue.)

-The voice acting and script isn't very believable.

If Ubisoft makes another Ghost Recon, then there is a good chance I will get it right away. Ubisoft did a nice job with this game. It was worth the wait.

This game gets a well deserved 9 out of 10.