A Well Written and Moving Interactive Story.

User Rating: 8 | To the Moon PC

I haven't reviewed anything in quite awhile, but I felt like this game deserved some praise.

Let me start by saying that there isn't a whole lot of gameplay here. To The Moon is really just an interactive story. I was hesitant to even give this a try after reading the review because it reminded me somewhat of the review for Braid, which I personally found to be a completely overrated and pretentious mess. To The Moon however, is neither of these things. It's simple and the gameplay elements are very easy, but the story will move you unless you have no heart at all.

The game has well done 16-bit graphics, can be controlled with mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. Personally I preferred the gamepad. The soundtrack is beautiful, mostly consisting of piano tunes with one full song with vocals.

The writing is top notch, the humor is there from the start and continues throughout the game providing comic relief at just the right times. I will say this. I'm a 34 year old guy who is known for being pretty emotionless. This game actually made my eyes water up at points.

Anyway, if you're on the fence, you can actually download and play the game for an hour for free from the publisher's website at


Seeing as it's only a 3.5-4 hour long game, that's a pretty good deal.

It's well worth an hour of your time to try it out.