True masterpiece, a game that touches you at every corner of your heart.

User Rating: 9.5 | To the Moon PC
Guess what guys, it is my first review in my whole life, why is that?
I am actually a fan of games that focus on story and this was one of my best games i ever played, it was one of the few games that i truly wanted to finish and not to miss any word or any part of it.
what is unique of this game? it is really a masterpiece, it proves that games are not about graphics, high budget or even how long it is. The unique game is a game that sucks you in more and more as you play it, it makes you fly away with your thoughts and warms you heart.
This game is a game that really touches every corner of your heart, it even may change your whole life if you believe (as one of the players said).
Despite that the controls seem funny but it is used only as portal to jump between the story lines.
Everything else is impressive especially the story, it makes lovers love more, and the non-lovers want to love not only one person but also the people all around :).
The game combines tragedy with sense of humor, it makes you laugh and cry at the same time, i don't want to spoil the game, a lot of things i just can't explain with words i just feel them:).
It is your chance to move your feelings once again, try it won't regret it!