Emotional, like a sharp scalpel in the hands of a surgeon...cuts deep to the heart. Amazingly well done!

User Rating: 9 | To the Moon PC
I had read the comments and heard others opinions and had to give this game a try. From the time the game first starts, and your hear the soundtrack you can tell the authors of this game, had a goal...find your heart. I have never found a game quite like, "To the Moon," that has ever done this. Yes the graphics are simple, yes the gameplay is simple, yes it's small in size, (in hardrive space required) but it is huge in a desire to touch you deep inside, because what it does it does well. For anyone who has ever loved, been in love,this game may have an even larger impact, and with this I give it an "UP" rating. It reminds me of the movie "UP" without the hundreds of colorful balloons. It's color though is what it paints of the palet of your heart. Amazingly well done!