To The Moon brings a whole new level of storytelling mixed with an emotional yet beautiful Soundtrack

User Rating: 8 | To the Moon PC

Game: To The Moon
Genre: RPG-Adventure
Developer: Freebird Games
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 75/100
Value Score: 7.5/10

• Story: 10/10
• Characters: 8/10
• GamePlay: 7/10
• Graphics: 7/10
• Sound: 7/10
• Music: 10/10
• Length: 3/10
• Replay Value: 5/10
• Player Value: 8/10

+Great emotional and original storyline
+Modern style cliches, jokes, etc which is rare in games these days
+Fantastic soundtrack which fits perfectly with each and every aspect of the game

-Too short
-Feels like a fetch quest of a game
-Controls feel sluggish
-Should of been an anime like Clannad rather than a game (lol)