Not a good game

User Rating: 1 | Time Slip SNES

I had high hopes when I bought this SNES game in 1994. But it was a disappointment. The graphics aren't spectacular and it's too hard. It gives no skill levels, no continues, no passwords and it doesn't have the ability to save. The game is about time travel. That probably sounds interesting but this game is not interesting. It gives the player 9 lives but those lives don't last long. I had to use a Game Genie in order to finish the game.

I sold it two years ago for only $1. That should show you how much I dislike this game. Vic Tokai manufactured this game. Both this game and 'Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter' turned me against Vic Tokai.

I hate this game. Out of all of my SNES games, it was my least favorite. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV is a much better time travel game for the SNES. It's easier and has better graphics.