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  • Randy71 wrote a review of New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U.
    User Rating 2
    It's no Super Mario 3D World

    Many people will most likely disagree with me, but I hate this game. Because Super Mario 3D world wasn't super difficult, I decided to buy Super Mario Bros. U. I bought it even though it's a side scro...

  • Randy71 wrote a review of Demon Attack.
    User Rating 4
    Not as good as I expected

    While this game certainly doesn't suck, I found it to be disappointing. When I saw a commercial for the Intellivision version of this game, the game included a mothership. I expected the Atari 2600 ve...

  • Randy71 rated Demon Attack a score of 3.
  • Randy71 rated Kangaroo a score of 8.
  • Randy71 wrote a review of Pac-Man.
    User Rating 7
    Very Good

    This version of Pac-Man is excellent. It's almost as good as the arcade version. It includes all three of the arcade intermissions, 'Unlike the Atari 800 and 2600 versions'. It also has the hiding spo...

  • Randy71 rated Pac-Man a score of 8.
  • Randy71 wrote a review of Stunt Race FX.
    User Rating 9
    A must have for the Super NES

    I freaking love this game. It and Star Fox showed people that FX games can be awesome. Sadly, only about four or five FX games were made. This game has the FX chip. This chip allows the game to have o...

  • Randy71 wrote a review of Time Slip.
    User Rating 1
    Not a good game

    I had high hopes when I bought this SNES game in 1994. But it was a disappointment. The graphics aren't spectacular and it's too hard. It gives no skill levels, no continues, no passwords and it does...

  • Randy71 rated Castlevania: Symphony of the Night a score of 3.