EA Tees one up and lands it just in the rough...

User Rating: 8.8 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
Tiger 06 for the 360 is a mixed bag of a game. And I don't mean golf clubs.

Visually a treat to the eyes, with fluid gameplay and a fast enough engine to play a full round at Pebble in under 30 minutes. This being said, the glaring omission of a career mode (a la the PC version) and a severe lack of courses detract from making this game a perfect line drive.

Footage of the graphics engine for the 07 iteration means we're all in for another dose of eye candy in the coming season, but let's hope that EA has also taken heed from the fanbase to boost the card up to at LEAST 12 courses for the next time out.

The bottom line?

The best (and only) golf for the 360. Despite the lack of courses, it's still a challenging game with a lot of replay value when you have the gang over on a rainy afternoon.

Solo's Rating: 88