It’s the first golf game for Xbox 360.

User Rating: 9.2 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
Now this is the first golf game for Xbox 360 and it’s a good game. The graphics are extremely good for the 360. The characters are so life like that at some points you really feel like you are watching a real golf match. I have to say if you have a PC and can get the game for it then do so, because the game is much bigger on PC version then the 360 version, by that I mean there are more courses on the PC then the 360. There are only 6 courses on the 360 witch is a bad thing because you can get tired of the game so fast unless you are a golf fanatic then this is a must have for you. The game face of the game is outstanding because if you take you’re time to make the character look just like you it will end up looking like you. The controller in the game is kind of hard to learn and that is a good thing because then it take some skills to play this game. If you really like golf you will end up spending many hours in this game. The best thing I can think of with this game is the online gaming because that is really fun if you are any good that is. Overall I have to say this is the best golf game I ever played even though they have removed so many courses and is so much shorter then any PGA games they have made before.