I'm a hots shots guy my self. tiger woods 06 for me is nothing new to me.

User Rating: 8.3 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 X360
Tiger woods 06 is a fine game for those die hard golf fans who love the game and video games. sort of an odd combo there. for those who are new to the game this is a challenge with career mode you work you way up.....and i mean WORK. the challenges eventually make you the golfer that one day will be on the PGA tour.

gameplay- quite simple...once you get use to the system. using both analog sticks to swing make it easy to just lay the golf ball almost anywhere you want to. however. if you want to add some spin, curve, or a solid roll...get ready to practice.

overall- unless your a golf fan you didn't touch this. this game beat me up completely and the achievements are ridiculous to achieve. the point i am trying to get across is go ahead and rent this game if your looking for a challenge.