The Talos Principle - An FPS Puzzle game with a Philosophical twist

User Rating: 9 | The Talos Principle PC

I usually don't write reviews on games but I have to write my thoughts about this game.

I read a bit about The Talos Principle before I bought it but I never imagined a game could play do mind tricks on me.

It's one of these games that have a higher purpose of sort, a game that is made by a developer who thinks of games as an art form.

Can a puzzle game be an art form? they sure try to make it so here.

First of all the game world itself is beautifully rendered and is pretty big, each area is big and there seems to be a lot of areas in the game - after playing only two hours and opening only 2 areas I realize there are a lot more areas to open...

But, about the size of the areas, it's keep on puzzling me, why are they so big?

We already know that an FPS puzzle game can work (Portal 1 and 2) and their world wasn't that big, but in this game the areas are way bigger then they should be and it drives me nuts! I feel like I'm missing things in places where I "shouldn't" reach.

Second of all, all the philosophical text and incomplete messages are weird and interesting. The whole vibe of the game - with Elohim (God in Jewish) is the narrator guiding you around with a very clear biblical intent that may or may not be helpful to the player.

So, to wrap it up:

A stunning world with a strange vibe to it with interesting puzzles.

It's not as fun as the Portal games - which were faster and more comic - but it's way more interesting and make you think more than you thought you should think while playing games. In my honest opinion - this of it's own is a great achievement for a video game.

Highly recommended for all of you thinkers who don't care spending hours wondering around in an unexplained world searching for stuff you didn't know you should have looked for in the first place. And in the meanwhile reading some philosophical text about existence issues...