The Talos Principle

User Rating: 9 | The Talos Principle PC

The Talos Principle is a thought provoking game that will make you think hard to discover its puzzles and its plot.

The puzzle game which The Talos Principle sets up is nice, and the design of a lot of the puzzle areas is well done and makes you think and observe your environment in order to advance. The way in which the game gives you a new mechanic to work with and then softly introduces you to that mechanic by way of self learning is clever and rewarding. The only thing that you will notice however is that there are some puzzles that tend to be too similar to others

The story is what shines in this game, as the philosophical themes are strewn about, which make you think hard between dialogue, and under those themes is a story which you must piece together with audio logs, and the final ending is a bittersweet conclusion.

The visuals are nice in this game, nothing groundbreaking but pleasant to look at, and the change of scenary between each world from Egypt, to Greece, and the middle ages is a nice switch. The Talos Principle is a smart, thoughtful, and challenging puzzler that poses intriguing thoughts, and a sad story underneath a well designed puzzler.