Soo Much Less Than It Could Be - Returned It

User Rating: 2 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

I was so disappointing that I returned the game. The create a sim was gorgeous. Some aspects of the game were pretty, in a sparkly fantasy forest sort of way, but game play is very reduced. In my opinion, it would be better off to play the Sims 3 until Sims 5 comes out, and hopefully that will redeem this franchise. Some of the issues I had with the Sims 4 are that everything is less real - it feels like a game made for a smart phone. The world including plants and collectibles (which are brutally limited) remind me of Kingdom's of Amalur, Reckoning, where the objects are big, clunky, and highlighted by a weird solid colour. There really wasn't much new that added to the experience. The expansions seem to be a repeat of those in The Sims 3, so I've decided not to invest in this chapter of the Sims. I really, really wanted to like it, and even though I bought the game on sale for $24, I just don't see the value, and have no desire to play it, plain and simple. This game offered so much less than its predecessor. The fact that sims can multitask is great, but its not enough to make this playable for me at least.