I get bored after a half hour

User Rating: 3 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

I have played every Sims base game and expansion pack there have been so far, so, needless to say, it's traditionally hard for me to get bored playing Sims games. I have had this game for a week now and I actually am trying to convince myself to like it so I will play it more and get more value out of the 60 bucks I dropped. I usually get bored after about a half hour. The longest I have been able to manage was an hour and a half before I let out a deep sigh and shook my head and gave up.

The graphics are wonderful, it runs and looks beautifully made, but you quickly discover how hollow and limited experience it is. I used to lose myself in the Sims and wonder where the last few hours had gone, but with so many limitations and regressions, that feeling of immersion is all but gone.

Someone new to the Sims could very much enjoy this because they have no expectations, but to make a game that can only be fully enjoyed by newbies is insulting to the massive veteran consumer base that has carried the Sims to be the highest selling game franchise ever. If EA gives half a care about losing its consumer base the 1st expansion better be absolutely epic.