Decent idea, but... didn't live up to my expectations.

User Rating: 6 | The Sims 2: Castaway PSP
First of all, the sims 2 castaway disappointed me with it's controls. It was so frustrating just walking around, that the rest was just unnoticeable.

Graphics: 5/10
Well if one things for sure, it's that the graphics in the sims 2 castaway are absolutely ugly. Glitchy maps, extremely jagged environments, hexagonal circles and so on. Graphics really disappoint on this one.

Presentation: 6.5/10
Main menu is empty, all you can really do is press continue to resume your game save, an loading takes farrr to long, like a minute and a half per territory.

Gameplay: 6.5/10
Apart from the bad loading times, and the control scheme, everything else works well, except for the camera, which is almost always out of place, but nevertheless the other features add a little bit of spice to the game, so gameplay is a bit better than everything else.

Sound: 6.5/10
The sound is actually quite good, sound effects are life-like and realistic and everything is in the right place.

Overall: 6/10
The control scheme, camera and graphics severely weigh down the sims 2 castaway, it could have been much better with a few minor improvements EA didn't bother to make. Another disappointing title by EA.