Basically a parody of games. It's full of charm but isn't brilliant in its own right.

User Rating: 7 | The Simpsons Game DS
The Simpsons is essentially a parody of games throughout time. It is mainly a platformer with basic combat and basic puzzles. Bart can turn into Bartman and use his cape to glide, and can attack and hit targets with his slingshot. Homer can become large and roll which can act as an attack, or a way of jumping pits. Lisa can use the Hand of God which can move certain objects to complete puzzles, and Marge has her own game type which features the usual basic combat and by gathering a certain amount of locals into a mob which she can order to destroy barriers. Occasionally you get to play a parody of an old game such as Donkey Kong or Frogger which adds to the variety. The story is just stupid, the way the characters realise they are in a game and eventually meet Matt Groening. The graphics are superb, with the characters animated well, and everything looks bright and bold like you expect The Simpsons world to be, however the framerate does drop when a few enemies are on screen at once. The gameplay is simply ok; it is linear with basic combat and basic puzzles, but has a lot of charm. The sound is great and is voiced by the usual voice actors, and the random dialogue throughout the game is funny. In between the levels you get a cartoon video using the Act Imagine technology which is very impressive. It took me 4 hours and 37 mins to complete the game which seems short but you do tend to get that with DS games.