This game is hilarious

User Rating: 7 | The Simpsons Game PS3
The simpsons for PS3 is a good looking game and its fun.. The cutcenes look like your actually watching the show......very good animation. Unfortunately the contrls are very clunky and can make the game feel like a chore. This game was like watching the show, and had me laughing my ass off. This game however is not for everybody. If your not a fan of the show the chances are you wont like it. If you are a fan and think the game looks good, then i suggest renting it first. Because if you can get used to the funky controls and get the Simpsons inside jokes, then your going to love this game. I just personally wished that the parts were you play as Marge were more exciting. Her missions are kinnda lame to be honest........But to close This game could be a hit or miss. I liked it, and i love the show.