EA has done a great job making a Simpsons Game, For Fan's Of The Show or just gamers.

User Rating: 8 | The Simpsons Game PS3
The Simpsons Game is the new Simpsons Game from EA (Electronic Arts). EA has done a great job at making a game based on The Simpsons.

The whole game is basically a huge parody of many Video games and it's own show. In the game you will see many references to objects on the show ( remember Linguo?), and you will see alot of making fun of games (Like Medal of Honor, Pokemon, Everquest, Grand theft Auto, etc.) The game is hilarious and has very well-written jokes. They make fun of the NES graphics era and how nobody will play the game once the PS4 and Xbox 720 comes out.

The game actually makes huge parody's like During the level "Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game", you are parodying Pokemon and there are the Pokemon GBA fights where you have to chose and attack, and this is so funny.

The Game always pairs you up with another Simpsons and to beat the levels and puzzles you must be switching between the characters alot and it makes the gameplay more interesting.

Homer: He changes into a Homerball and can knock things over and go off ramps to get to places. Homer can also burp to stun enemies. (Homer can also get a limited power-up to be a Chile fire ball.)

Bart: Bart can change into his super hero self and be Bartman to grapple around cities and shooting enemies with his Sling-shot. (Bart can also have a limited power-up and be Robo-Bart.)

Marge: Marge can control mobs and tell them what to do like build things, kill enemies, and destroy objects, etc. (Marge can also get a limited Power-Up and be Officer Marge.)

Lisa: She Can use her saxophone and stun enemies, she can be a god-like hand from the sky and movie objects around. (Lisa can also get a limited Power-Up and be Clober Girl, a extra strong super-hero version of herself.)

Maggie is also playable in very short doses in the game and she crawls through vents with a 1st person view camera. This is pretty cool in the game aswell and you have to use her to beat missions aswell.

The game has 16 levels to play through and exclusive to the 360 and PS3 versions is the power to be able to roam Springfield. Speaking of SpringField, they put the town into video game form very well. You wil be running the streets and can go inside Famous places in the cartoon like Moe's and Krusty Burger.

The people walking on the streets are very like-like and you can even talk to them and hit them. The characters are pretty funny and overall being able to explore SpringField is sweet.

Throughout the game, you will see many collectibles and when you get a certain amount of these, your life meter goes up and once you get them all, you get infinite life. The game also has Comic Book Guy's Clitches which he makes fun of all the bad things about video games like how you can't swim and how there are invisible borders. Most of these are pretty funny, and the collectibles add some replay value to the game.

The game controls Ok, but not great, it can be alittle hard to go to some places. The game has a pretty bad camera but it doesn't get in the way to much, but it will get in your way at times and sometimes will even make your character die.

The game has many different villains like a Donkey Kong Rip-off. Madden Football characters, the Killer dolphins (From a Treehouse of Horror Episode), etc. That is cool that the game has alot of variety.

The game is short and can be beaten in 6-8 hours if you don't go back and collect the hundreds of collectibles and get all the cliches, but I can see my self going back to play this game alot because of this next reason, you can play the whole game with a friend in Co-op. it works well and you don't have to switch between characters in this, and it may be easier getting collectibles aswell.

The graphics during the gameplay are good and closely look like the show, but the cutscenes look amazing, just like the show, but way better. The building and structures of Springfield look like they do in the show, and the characters are very well done. they got the shows animators to help on animate these cutscenes.

The sound in the game is amazing, cause the actual voices from the show like Dan and Nancy (Homer And Bart.) and all the other voices are great. They got the shows writers to write alot of the game, and the sounds in the game are jsut top-notch and couldn't get better.''

The Simpsons game is overall a great experience for comedy fan's and Simpsons Fan's and Gamer's alike. It's actually cool to see a game make fun of itself, and overall this is a darn good game!