User Rating: 5.5 | The Simpsons Game WII
Even when i saw the reviews for this game i still wasnted to buy it because i though the level design could overshadow smoe of its problems. Sadly, its not the case.

The graphics are cel shadade and look fine, but they really lack polish. 3.5/5

The music is not bad, but very unmemorable, but the voice acting is amazing, because it uses the original cast from the show, and they do a great job. 4.5/5

The gameplay is a plataformer-action game, and a very laze one. The levels are for the most part simple, though some are very creative, like the eating competition level, and Marge's levels. You play the game with all the Simpsons characters. The first you use it Homer, whose special abilities are turning in a gigant ball, a jelly ...thing, and to inflate of helium and hover a little. The second character is Bart, who can turn in a superhero and hover a little in the air and throw different thing with his sligshot. Lisa is the next, who has Budda powers to kill enemies and move objects and Marge is the last who can control angry mobs to destroys what she wants. Maggie is an extension of Marge, that can be used in specific parts of the game. Though the special abilities are cool, the level designs are very average and the controls are kinda akward, because there are motion controls where there shouldn't be, like to use Marge's megaphone or turn into Homer's ball. 1.5/5

The Simpsons Game could have been a lot better if the controls where a little better and the level design was better, though it might be worth renting if you are a big fan of the show.