The simpson game is one game that everyone can play.

User Rating: 9 | The Simpsons Game WII
The simpson game

Well this simpson game is one of the best in my books, The is 16 levels long with some fun pullzes and mini-games. As you play the game you will see jokes for other things like the "Planet of the apes" and other games.

This simpson game is like Star Wars lego with the power to swicth between the simpson charaters, The game has a handful of bosses like the ceator Matt Groening theat are easy but hard at parts.

The games pullzes are easy and fun, The pullzes are base on Lisa and Homer levels where you use Lisa to move things like builing and Homer to nock down thing to make paths.

The Simpson has a fun muitplayer game that you work with a friend to finish the story, This does not make it easyer in playing the game.

The only bad ponit is the game camrea, It lets you down when you need it on jumping levels.

Overall the simpson game is fun and will bring you hour of laughs, If you love the Simpson you love this game. The grahpic are good to look at and the gamplay to just fun. So I would play this if you love The Simpson or you need a game to play with your friends.