The Shoot is a fun little action game that uses the Playstation Move Motion Controller. But it is VERY easy.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Shoot PS3
The Shoot is a family friendly light-gun shooter. The premise of the game is this. You are an "action hero" on a movie set, blasting your way through enemies that are really wooden cutouts of people (but some can and will attack you, even though they are wooden cutouts.) At the same time you need to keep the director happy, this can be done by continually shooting enemies without getting hit. If you get hit to many times, or shoot too many civilians, then the director will call "cut" and you will have to use one of your five continues to continue on with the level. The Shoot has five different sets to play through, each with around 3-4 scenes that serve as the "levels" for the game. This serves as a bit of a problem, since the game is very, very easy and can be beaten in a very short amount of time. What I do admire about The Shoot, however, is that I actually found it fun to play, thanks to its very responsive and accurate controls with the Playstation Move Motion Controller.

Overall, I enjoy The Shoot. It's a fun light gun shooter with very responsive controls thanks to the accuracy of the Playstation Move controller. However, because of its short length and incredibly easy difficulty, I don't see a reason to go out and buy the game just yet, but it is most definitely worth renting if you own a Playstation Move Motion Controller