Why 8? This is just another generic movie tie-in.

User Rating: 5 | The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris GBA
It's one of those kind of games that you might have fun playing the first time around, but when you go back for round two you'll wonder why you're even bothering. The only thing about it that still impresses me to this day are the nicely detailed graphics which I had no problem with and are always worth admiring. The platforming dynamics are sound but they're nothing you wouldn't have seen before (jump off walls and hop over a spiked pit and such) and attacking just basically consists of rapidly tapping the attack button over and over again. You can throw your sickles like a pair boomerangs, but what sence does that make, even if it is a video game?
It's over and done with at eight hours tops and there isn't much replay value to come back for apart from an alternate ending (which involves a final boss that can be defeated in just half a minute), so even though it has it's moments it starts to become very tedious after a while and it seems to further the stereotype that movie tie-ins are just there to make extra cash for the film makers.