the classic action game for the gba and it's fun too

User Rating: 10 | The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris GBA
After i got a psp i didnt think id play game bot advanced anymore but this game i do. You start out as Queen cassandra in ancient Egypt but right after that short level you are the scorpion king. You get two weapons each have their own uses which is a sword which is stronger then the other are two curved bladed scimitars which attacks faster and can attack higher in the air. The levels are cool wich each you have to use some of your abiltys likie the wall jump climbing running from a spiked ceiling falling over your head. there are a varity of levels and each has its own enemys which are only in that level except the snakes and scarabs. But this game has nice action and is a great game. It is really worth getting even though after you beat it you play it over again. One bad thing is it uses pass words and it has no way you can exit a level without killing your self. I recomend you get the game good bye.