Really surpsrising, it's just that "Scorpion King" for the Gba doesn't sound so good.

User Rating: 6 | The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris GBA
Well, this game it's good and that's all, of course it's not a masterpiece or somethig like that but anyway. the game follows the storyline of the movie (apparently) and it's a sidescroller with some enemies. That's all to explin, so now the review:
Pros: Gameplay it's fine. Graphics look fine. The game it's not boring.
Contras: Gameplay can sometimes not respond so well. The game doesn't apport anything new.
Graphics: The graphics just look fine. Nothing really new:
Difficulty: Not so much, but a bit of a challenge:
Addiction: Again not so much, but fair:
Gameplay: Good most of the time, but sometimes it fails:
Replay Value: I don't know, but I think there is none:
Variety: Well, just not so much, depending on which aspect's variety, anyway:
Sound: The sound it's okay, but not superb:
Story: I think it follows the storyline of the movie completely. I never watched the movie:
Multiplayer: Who just bought a GBA for the multiplayer? I think not so many people. But I have to do this:
Conclusion: The Scorpiuon King it's entertainig for a while. But there are some better GBA games.
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